Saturday, September 10, 2011

Halloween: Monsters: Jello

Sometimes I feel guilty if a craft is too easy, but I just think this would be fun on a dessert bar with green, orange, and yellow monsters starring out.  I added some chocolate to marshmallows (you could also use chocolate candies like M&M's and press them into the center), and added them to the bottom of a jar, trying to wedge them down as far as possible.
I knew they would pop up, but at least they weren't totallly floating on top.  I made my jello, and poured it over.  Since the jello is hot, I let it cool a little.  Once these set in the fridge, they were pretty cute starring out when I opened the fridge.  One small package of jello makes about three monsters.  Uhh...and is it OK for me to say that lime jello smells like kitchen cleaners when you dissolve it in hot water?  Is it worse that I ate it and thought it was still yummy despite that fact? 



Christy said...

Hey Christy! Its me, Christy, the California one who has since shut down her blog. I still have the Mission Trip Crafts one, just no ideas for new posts (or time) lately.

I noticed a link to your push pop cupcake post...did you already sell your extras?? those are amazing!!!! Please let me know!

Christy said...

Christy! I actually have 24 in a box this lady wanted to buy (months ago), but she never said more. I've been meaning to ask if anyone wants to get them. It cost me 8 dollars to ship (I mailed a lot of them.....this always seems to be the price whether it's the next town over....or Hawaii). The cost of the tubes was 18 dollars for 24 (75 cents each). The place I bought them now has them for .65 with shipping, but you have to buy 100 at time. It was a company called Montecini or something (in CA). So....if you want just 24, I have some I can ship out for $26 dollars total (including shipping cost)....I's extreme.....I just had to have them, but I wanted to sell some b/c I don't need 100! Let me know, or like I said, they are 10 cents cheaper from that one company just have to buy 100. :O) Glad you still have your missions blog! I hope you keep it up, and just post when you are inspired!!