Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Bird Seed Hangers

The birds in my neck of the city suburbs have a few more months before they are totally out of food, but I'm preparing now.  I saw mini bird seed hangers on a wedding website once when of approximately 6,543,765 of the people I know getting married was getting married.  I lost the source, but not the thought, and I just googled how to make homemade bird seed holders.  All this to say, this wasn't my original idea, but I liked it, and now that I've thrown this together.  I'm still a fan.  This would be a fun natural wedding favor, or even better, just a fun activity to do with the family for some outdoor fun this winter.  Seriously, no chemistry degree required for this little project.  In fact, no kindergarten diploma is even necessary. 
Two packages of unflavored gelatin....
 Mixed with 1 cup of water, and 2 cups of bird seed (I got at a super center). 
 I found these silicone trays last year at target dollar spot...and I've done anything BUT bake in them.  They come in all shapes, and prices in cake decorating stores too.  I'm sure there will be candy canes coming up, and I also used stars.  I pushed the mix down into the molds, and I knotted a ribbon for hanging. 
 I press the ribbon into the middle. 
Place these guys into the fridge for two hours or so.  Pull them out, let them come to room temp, and then pop them out (don't leave them out, you want to let them air dry for a day or so before hanging these, they will harden up). 
Aside from adding a tag for a natural wedding gift in honor of love birds...or whatever you have going.  These would also be fun to add to a basket as a gift for an inquisitive child.  I bought a little bird house and paint for the basket, some binoculars, a local bird guide, map pencils, and journal for recording the birds that comes through to visit above buffet of bird seed! 


winga said...

I love it!! It's a great idea. Also it could be done for pets like hamsters or guinean pigs ^^

Mama Finch said...

I love this project, especially the gift basket idea! I actually saw you on TV (Channel 8 here in DFW area) this morning and when I saw you were here on blogger, had to look you up!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Christy! I liked your project and made some myself - they turned out great too! I've got your tutorial linked to my bird feeders post as well today, please come on over and take a peek!