Coaster Book Revisited

Monday, October 31, 2011
 I've made these coaster books before, but I just love them, and I just have to share the idea again because I love it, and it's so affordable, and such a fun little gift for friends.  I've shared this with my friends, made these to commemorate parties I've thrown for them.  Some of my friends have extended this idea and made it as little thank you gifts when they visit friends for the weekend etc.  Basically, any restaurant that has the cardboard coasters is fine with giving you a little stack of them.  I glue photos down, trip the edge, and repeat on the back. 
 Punch a hole in the corner, and then add them to a ring. 
 These are great little coffee table books. 
 I love to add ribbons and themed charms to the ring on the front to make it a little more festive. 
This little guy was sent to a friend that saved my sanity, and made my trip to the Amazon A-Mazing. 

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