Crockpot Cheese-ee Chicken and Rice

Thursday, October 27, 2011
 Hold the applause, but this post serves as the end of one of my New Year's Resolutions for 2011.  True, it's the only 1 of the 11 resolutions I had that I completed, but still.....It was my goal to cook 10 new meals in the crockpot this year.  It's this unexplored territory in my life.  In fact, I surpassed this goal.  Fortunately, I didn't have 10 'good' recipes because a lot of them were yuck-eeeee!  What I learned about crockpot recipes is that you have to be really selective.  Chicken is one of the things that came out pretty well each time, and this happens to be one of my favorite for the year!  It's a keeper.  I found it on Fork In It blog.  It's easy.  And did I mention it was good?  I had a lot of bad crockpot meals this year, so.... yay for one that made the experiment worthwhile! 
And without further case want to try out that whole crockpot thing this next year....or if you are just looking for a good meal...or if I'm at the story and need to search my blog for the recipe b/c I forgot to write them down (the real reason I started blogging about recipes)  Here it serves 4.
Chicken Crockpot Ingredients
2-4 frozen/skinless/boneless chicken breast, 1 (8 oz) pkg cream cheese (softened), 1 can cream of chicken soup, 1 pkg italian season (dry powdered kind).  Rice
Chicken Crockpot Instructions
Stire cream cheese, cream of chicken and seasoning.  Pour over frozen chicken in a crockpot.  Cook for 4-6 hours or until chicken pulls apart.  I cooked mine about 8, thus the edges of the cheese, which were goooood....
Cook up rice, and serve chicken and cheese over rice. 


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I stumbled on your blog a couple of weeks ago - I love it! This recipe looks so good. I am a huge fan of using the crockpot. What I like about this recipe is that you don't have to even thaw the chicken! I'll be trying it out ASAP!

Erin said...

I worry about trying new crock pot recipes too. I hate going to all that trouble and then having something I don't want to eat. But this look mighty tasty. We'll have to try it! Thanks!

Jennifurla said...

looks delish