Saturday, October 01, 2011

"Eye" I Hope You Have Happy Halloween!

 I saw the post for making these monster eyes at Bee in Your Bonnet, and I had all the supplies on hand, so I could not resist.  How easy, and what a fun little snack to pass out to...well, people that like little snacks shaped like monster eye balls. 
The first cast of character-cream puffs.  You can grab these at the store in the freezer section.  Isn't the store a magical place? 
 Instead of dipping these in icing, I just used white chocolate.  Is chocolate covered anything ever a bad thing?  The answer is no....don't bother to spend too much time on the question.
 Press a chocolate chip into the center. 
 I melted some green chocolate in a ziplock, and snipped off the edge, and then ran a line around the chip.  (You can also use icing, but.....I just invented a reason to use more chocolate). 
I bagged them up in pretzel bags.  A bag of eyeballs, who wouldn't want me to deliver them to their door step.  Don't.  Answer.  That. 


malia said...

hi christy! those are awesome, girl! happy weekend... malia

Erin said...

These are totally cool!