Friday, September 30, 2011

Chili and Cornbread in a Jar

Uhh....this was a fabulous find...and a delicious meal in a jar, perfect for the weather FINALLY shuffling in some cool breezes that hint at fall...These were also super easy to put together.  I originally saw the idea for this at Giversblog.  I love everything jar related....I used a packet to let chili cook in the crockpot all day (on low) based on the package directions.  When I got home, I filled mason jars about halfway with chili.  I then used a cornbread package and mixed up the meal according to the instructions on the package.  I pour the wet ingredients over the chili and placed these on a pan in the oven (makes about 6).  I baked it at the degrees and time the cornbread called for.  Dig in.  Eat up.  I'm using this for football get togethers, everything you need in one jar that is portable! 


Jo said...

So I've decided that chalkboard paint needs to come in different colors other than black. Then you could decorate the jars with the paint and put names on them or football drawings or something else creative. Black just wouldn't look as cute with these.