Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Cookies: Coal Cookies

This is actually a project that went a little bit different than my original plans.  I knew I wanted to bring a bag of 'coal' to a friend of mine as a hostess gift (last Christmas).  I found a chocolate cookie recipe, and to call it a complete failure would be too kind. 
I was tired, and I wasn't going to try that recipe again, nor did I have any ideas regarding what I should try INSTEAD, BUT I had already sewed the bag together using a few pieces of felt I cut out and stitched together (I doubled the white thread to make it thicker). 

I decided to get over my failures as a cookie connoisseur on this particular day, and I dipped some oreos and chocolate and sprinkled them with black sprinkles.  This turned into a no bake Coal Cookies project. I can live with this, I've had much worse days in my life, and it was still an easy, and funny gift to present to one of the gals on Santa's Naughty list. 


TheChangingHouse said...

I really love that idea! I think it's fabulous! Great thinking! I'll be making coal cookies soon, too!