DIY Canvas Print

Monday, November 07, 2011
 I love canvas prints, but when you buy the 'wrap' it sometimes cuts off the photo in awkward places.  I saw a tutorial for creating your own canvas prints using tissue paper, mod podge, and a printer on Sarah's Project Blog.  I took the above picture while visiting Seattle last summer.  My pal Kelly said she wanted a copy of the picture for her kitchen, and I went to order the canvas print....and....per my above comment, it wouldn't wrap correctly, so I went forth with the tutorial I'd set aside to try sometime. 
Basically, take tissue paper, measure it a little bit larger than a piece of printer paper (thank you iphone for  below images.....did not have my camera handy at this point...)
 I folded the excess down on one side, and taped it securely. 
 I give to you...exhibit A) a piece of printer paper covered with tissue paper. 
 I set the printer to print, and ta da....can't believe it worked, did. 
 I carefully sliced off the tape, and had this left over. the future....I'd make the picture fit the entire page, or buy a smaller canvas so I could 'wrap' it around the edges.....but in the future I'd also try pulling this off BEFORE the day before above friend's birthday. 
Basically, cover canvas with a layer of mod podge, and carefully lay down tissue picture.  I started in the middle and worked towards the edge pressing it down with my fingers. 
Because I had the extra white spaces because life is more hectic than I like to discuss right now and I didn't do my measurements correctly.....I decided to take black paint and paint a ragged edge.  If anyone ask, I shall call this artistic expression, and no procrastination/poor planning on my part.  BUT, the bottom line is, in person, the tissue covered canvas looks awesome.  I'm definitely doing this for various photos in my house, and future gifts for friends. 


morry said...

I also love canvas prints.It's looking awesome and I also appreciate this great creativity.
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Linda Compton said...

Christy, I just watched you on Good Morning Texas. Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas! I will surely try them out and share them with family and friends.

Have a blessed day!