Saturday, November 19, 2011

Free Dress Pattern

 Another cool thing about the internet?  FREE patterns!  I found this pattern on a site called made.  I decided to make this little dress for my goddaughter....due any day.  Homegirl is going to be the most fashionable diva after all the items all her pseudo aunts have sent her way. 
I usually hate patterns and avoid them as much as possible, so when I share must have been completely doable and fun.  I'm lining up therapy appointments for all the failed attempts at following a pattern.  All this to say, this is an easy one, and has lots of possibilities for super cute dresses.  The original pattern actually uses an old tshirt for the dress portion.'s the pattern printed....for free.  Whoop whoop. 
Cute out two pieces, and sew down the sides. 
 I folded down what would be the arm hole later and sewed it flat. 
 I gathered the top of the front and back. 
 Created a bow using another color, and sewed that over the gathers to hold them in place.
 I went even cheaper and one side is pretty rough, but I'm guessing little nugget grows fast and may just get to feature this one any truly fashionable girl does. 
This is just one of those patterns that you can figure out by looking t it....and following the attached directions on the link above...which I will be doing again soon! 


Deb said...

that is awesome...I'm gonna pass this on to my Mom for my niece...