Thanksgiving Ideas

Monday, November 21, 2011
I'm headed to GMT today (yay).  It's always a neat experience, and it's always different.  I've been fortunate that I don't have as many travel needs this year, and I'm able to take a few half days from my job to enjoy this new experience (my days are usually eaten up with travel to see friends for their festivities, my friends have been kind enough to schedule the birth of their children, and marriages during long school breaks...not in that order).  I'm learning a lot from these experiences!  Not sure what I'm going to do with that knowledge, but....I always enjoy the adventures God takes me on.  I'll be sharing one of my favorite crafts ever....which I didn't do.  This is my friend Mary's table cloth.  She began it in 1977, the first year of her marriage.  Her family signs it each year.  She grew up with 12 brothers and sisters, and has 4 kids (now grown), and 2 grand kids that have been signing this beauty for years.  She let me borrow it for the show.  If you never read another post, go check out the link to this with close ups of some AMAZINGLY touching signatures and pictures....
Family Tablecloth

Side note, if you don't embroider, they also sell pens at the craft store that are washable permanant you can use instead. 
Next up are these gratitude rolls.  The link these came from, and instructions can be found below.  I love these because they are really easy, and it's like a fortune cookie, except....seasonal....and probably lacking lucky lottery numbers, but still, what a fun tradition...
Gratitude Rolls

I did  these little Trailmix Filled Favors I put together last year (again, original links below to printable). 
Trail Mix Favors

The year before I made Teepee Cake  favors.
 I have a ton of Thanksgiving recipes, if you want to explore, hit on the link below this, or the one on the right hand side of this page that says 'Thanksgiving.'  If not.....well, then don't do that.


Deb said...

I love that tablecloth idea...what an awesome tradition..

Kelley said...

That tablecloth was the inspiration for our daughter's marriage day Guest "Book." It turned out grand, and on my own blog, it's one of my top ten posts.