Wooden Penguin

Saturday, November 26, 2011
 I made this little guy for my pal Regan who love penguins.  I saw it on Etsy at Wellgood.  You can buy all kinds of cute kits from her.  My friend Terry originally sent me to her site.  I grabbed a fence post, and then a larger board for the penguin body out of the scrap section at Home Depot.  The guys cut the board for me there for free.  The wings, body, and nose I made out of another thin piece of wood I bought and cut out with my jig saw.  I found the snow flake in the unfinished wood at Hobby Lobby, and I sprayed some glitter.  Every project is better with glitter.  I nailed his little fishing pole (twisted wire, bought at Home Depot) onto his body.  After passing customs...
He found a new home further North of Texas.  Penguins don't do well in Texas winters. 

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