Wooden Stocking Hanger

Friday, December 23, 2011
 I'm sharing this project on Good Morning, Texas this morning.  I'll be on live sometime between 9 and 10.  I saw a few ideas floating around online, and I decided to try it out.  Not only was this super easy, it was uber cheap.  I put this guy together for well under a dollar.  True, I had some supplies on hand,but even if I had bought each item, it's an incredibly affordable project the family can get involved in....
Step one, I went to the scrap bin at the home improvement store.  I guess people have wood cut, and they leave the pieces they don't need (too long etc) at the store.  They sell these for 50 cents-$1.  I bought two large pieces that will make at least 6 of these stockings.  One thing I didn't do, that I usually do, is have the store go ahead and cut the pieces for me.  I had to do this when I got home, which left for some crooked cuts.  It looks like I had a little too much egg nog, but I assure you that is not the case, I just won't quit my day job in pursuit of carpentry anytime soon....
 I cut out one piece (the base) at about 6 inches....I was going for a square, close enough....The top piece I made about 8 inches. 
 I painted up the block to match the scrapbook paper I was planning on using.  I had the paint, but even at the store you can get bottles of paint for 50 cents (full price), and it would paint up all the blocks, and a few other projects as well. 
 I used one piece of scrapbook paper to cover the wood.  It's two sided, and I wanted the contrast.  It also makes the paper a little thicker which it's double sided, which makes Mod Podge easier to work with.  You could just glue the paper onto the blocks, but I chose to use Mod Podge, and I put a sheen over it as well just because I like to use Mod Podge on days that end in Y.  One side note, Mod Podge likes to wrinkle, so I spent some time smoothing it down to make sure it didn't bubble.  The thinner the paper, the more it likes to bubble.  You could use wrapping paper etc instead of scrapbook paper, or just paint it, I just decided my life needed a little bit of scrapbook paper. 
 To hang the stocking you could use cup hooks (you can get 10 for 99 cents), or some of those sticky hooks.  I decided to use this old door pull.  I drilled a hole. 
 I also added a little clothes pin to the top with hot glue.  I'm going to place a picture from the year to this clip, or you could attach your letter to Santa.  I made this for my new little Goddaughter, Micah.  She's two weeks old.  The stocking is little, but it's big enough for diamonds, and a little feed for the unicorn we will be requesting on her behalf. 


Cerise said...

What a great idea! And so easy and affordable! Thanks!

Crystal said...

I saw you on Good Morning Texas this morning. Love this cute craft!