Roly Poly Christmas Creatures

Thursday, December 22, 2011
 I made these roly poly guys over the summer.  I've made the Santa's a long time ago via the tutelage of Terry, but I decided to branch out.  I was planning on going even further down the Christmas path but I found I only had three in me for the time being.  These are pretty easy to make, but I made the mistake of mass production, and I remember quickly why I don't 'do' mass production. For the head I cut out circles (the body is about 4 times the size of the head).  I guess you can call this a circle....that's kind of offensive to the circle family.
 I created a loose stitch around the sort of circle.  Pulled it and stuffed it with old shirts.  You could use stuffing too....but I was feeling frugal.  I stitched it together...I use the term 'stitch' kind of like I used the term 'circle' before.  The stuffing showing doesn't really matter b/c it's going to be glue down to the feet. 
 I sewed some feet using a heart shape and stuffed them with rice, and then I made glove shapes and a cylinder of fabric for 'arms.'  I stuffed all of these as well. 
 I then assembled each character.  I used my glue gun to attach all the pieces.  I added these 'sleeve' things to cover where the gloves met the arms.  I added hats as well, and used more misc fabric to cover where it met the head.  Again, I used a glue gun to do this, it's so much easier than the sewing machine, and my home ec teacher wasn't checking my work afterwards :wipes brow:.
 Santa and his elves got beards.  Take yarn and go back and forth creating loops you then tie in the middle.  I brought out my trust glue gun and slapped these onto the faces. 
 Attach nose, and then add some rose colored cheeks using Mary Kay blush circa 1993 or something.
 Meet Santa.
 His elf.
 ...and uh...their drummer boy.
 ...and this photo reminds me....I don't do mass production it's not fun for me!

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Deanna @ TheChangingHouse said...

These are so adorable!!!!!