Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My Goddaughter, Micah Colleen.  This blog used to be about other stuff, crafts, and other....well, whatever....who cares.  Let's just talk about Micah, the cutest little sugar booger, lady bug, punkin' face, little squishy bundle of cuteness that....OK....point made.  I heart her so stinking much.  Her mama loves the bow, so....expect lots of pink pictures and bows in the future.  On a positive note for most, a super negative note for me, she lives a thousand plus miles away, so I won't be able to take as many pictures and post about this little gal as much as I would like....though her Mama sends me daily pictures.  Anyway, to say that you'll see lots of crafts (and already have) in honor of my favorite bow head would be an understatement, but I'll leave it at this. 
Mid January I flew up to Regan's parents house in Columbia, South Carolina for Micah's Christening. 
 This is my bff, Regan.  We've been friends since 4th grade and we've made a lot of memories along the way and transitioned from friends, to family many moons ago. 
 This is the rest of the family God let me choose for myself.  I claim her Mom and dad (on the right) as my own.  They are such a blessing, I can't put the relationship into words except to say that I lost a lot as a little girl, but God had a plan for the people He placed in my life to take care of me, love me, and help me grow.  Her aunt (right about Regan) is one of Regan's godmothers, and she was married to her uncle who entered heaven a few years ago.  I had so many fun memories with the whole family, and he is greatly missed, but his spirit was present at the celebration, and I can't wait to tell Micah stories. 
 This is one of Regan's childhood friends, Liz.  She is perhaps one of the sweetest people on planet earth.  She left her twin two year olds in NC for the weekend to attend the ceremony.  She has been present at all the celebrations in the past, and I look forward to seeing her again soon. 
We spent the weekend together eating, talking, holding a very happy and laid back Micah (she doesn't get that from her mama or me), and catching up....and eating. 
 Leaving after two days was perhaps one of the hardest things I ever had to do because I had to leave a piece of my heart behind.  I don't want Micha to grow up too fast, but I've got a lot of special plans for the years to come, and some pretty fun stories to share as little nugget grows. 


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh she is perfection! COngratulations from one fairy Godmother to another. I did a post all about how much I adore being a Godmother a few weeks back. Truly the most amazing joy!!


Deb said...

too stinkin cute...love that bow...