Old Cabinet Door Chalkboard

Monday, January 02, 2012
 In the new year, I thought I'd pull out an 'old' idea.  Chalk.  What better way to start a year?!?  So....I found this cabinet door in the alley by a dumpster. 
 I blame Terry for this bout of dumpster diving, she taught me everything I know.  I now am not allowed to drive though alley b/c I never know what 'treasures I'll find.  I spayed the middle with chalkboard paint, taped it off, and then added a color to match my room. 
I had removed the knob for the spraying, but added it back again, along with a little handle I bought at the hobby store.  I turned it upside down to hold the chalk (I saw that idea on ETSY).  I'm hanging this in my room. 


Jennifer said...

AWESOME!!! Way to recycle!!!

Manda Barger said...

What a great idea! I love chalkboard paint!