New Year's Eve 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011
I'm a fan of reflecting.  New Year's Eve seems like a good time to take time away from making snack foods for a family game night, and sit down and look back, and then look forward to what's to come.
I usually reflect in list format....mostly because it's how I conduct 99.9% of my list form.
Today, I'm going with a few songs.
There are so many things I could go back to and celebrate from 2011.  Our family just welcomed the second member of our next generation two days ago.  My BFF had a precious little girl a month ago.  I visited the shores of Alaska on an amazing cruise with my Mom.  God's grace brought me to and through an incredible adventure on the Amazon River this last summer.  I took up running in August.  I gave up running in August.  I took up running in August.  I gave....OK....I've been running.  It hurts, but it's helping.  There are so many daily victories, and tales, amazing friends, and celebrations to share.   I've blogged about most of these things over the year, but as I was considering how to best format my list, I started thinking about the big picture.  I may not remember the dates stamped on these memories in the years to come, but the big picture from the year is clear.
First, via my pastor, I'm so in love with this song...If I could wrap up every memory good and bad, this is how the year went, this is how the next will go even as the details are fading, painful, name it, I know God was faithful through it all....
The next song comes with a video, this is not my video, but some of the first pictures I took, and I looooove this song so much.  My friend Phyllis made this video based on our trip to the Amazon, and previous trips she took.  I borrowed it from her facebook page.  I could have never written the adventures I went on this year into the plans last December 31st.    I'm looking forward to seeing where God sends me this year too....

Another song this year that meant a lot because there came a point, you know, once or a million times over the last year....scratch that 32 years where I sometimes listen to the world and don't feel like I quite measure up, and God totally speaks to me through this song...reminds me that, true, I may not be enough for the world, BUT the world isn't enough for me either...I wasn't made for this world.

And as I'm looking forward to 2012.  I'm praying the promises God gives me in the bible, and this is what He has been saying....

I'm not exactly the most patient person, but He keeps letting me know He's at work, 2012 will be every bit as great as 2011.  He has taught me to
 "....keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. Luke 11:9
 The things I would like to see happen are completely in His hands, and a work in progress, BUT I have to be as faithful in the asking as He is in the doing.  He didn't say ask once, He said keep asking.  I'm learning to pray like never before.  A year from now, I can't wait to see what doors He opens as I nightly 'knock' in 2012!

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TheChangingHouse said...

Great reflective post!

Happy New Year!!
Best blogging wishes for 2012!!!