Tie Dye Baby Onsies

Friday, January 06, 2012
 I'll be sharing this today on Good Morning, Texas.  Tie Dye, baby gift style.  The concept is the same regardless of the clothing you are dying, BUT I saw this idea several years ago, and now that we've added a little guy to our family dynamics (my cousin's wife just delivered a healthy little boy on December 29th) it was time to make some clothing he can wear.  I've sent his big sister lots of girly gear, bows, ruffles, and glitter galore, but I didn't see this flying over with her little brother.
Step one, white onsie. 
 There are a ton of different designs you can make, I went for the bulls eye, basically , where you pinch creates your style.  If you want a bunch of circles, pinch and rubberband just like this all over the onsie, in this case, I wanted increasingly larger circles, so I pinched in the middle of what would be the center of the onsie....
 Add a rubberband.  If you want a white band to remain, make it tight, and don't oversaturate.  I wanted my colors to blend a little and wasn't concerned with white in this case. 
 I added rubber bands at regular intervals along the entire onsie. 
 You can buy dye in the laundry detergent section, they have a large selection.  I bought a box of dyes at the craft store and placed them in bottles.  If you wanted this to be all one color with the white where the rubber bands are, you could just buy one color, and dunk your garment in a bowl filled with the dye for 5-10 minutes (the longer the darker the color). 
 I added the different colors to each segment.  Again, the fabric will make the dye seep up a little towards the band, don't saturate it as much as I did if you don't want the colors to meet.
 I added a different color between each band, but you can see they bled up a little b/c I really made it dark.  I used a wire rack over a bucket so the excess dye could drain off. 
 Place your banded, dyed fabric in a ziplock over night, this helps the colors remain darker.  When you are finished, rinse it out really well so it doesn't bleed all over other the other clothes in the machine. 
And if tie dye isn't for you, here is a tutorial for making tie dye type shirts using solid shirts and a bleach pin. 

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