Thursday, February 16, 2012

Petit Fours

 Anyone who knows me for .3 seconds understands the way to my heart is through a petit fours.  Oh.  My.  I heart those puppies.  I've always wanted to make my, and I've attempted it before, but I finally found a recipe worth keeping and repeating. 
The first part of the petit fours I let Betty Crocker do for me.  I baked a boxed cake mix in a rectangular pan.  I cut it into cubes, and froze it for a few hours on a pan (makes it easier to ice). 
 Petit Four Icing:  In a bowl over boiling water, mix 9 c. powdered sugar, 1/2 c. water,  t. almond extract, 4 oz. melted white chocolate.  Once it is smooth, pour over cakes on a wire rack, resting over a tray.  Let it drip down the sides.  I added some premade rosettes to the top of mine. 
 It was my first attempt, so I didn't totally get every single side covered, though it will smooth down, BUT I placed my petit fours inside cupcake cups to hide that fact, disguised as something to pick them up later on upon serving. 
The icing hardens, and it only gets better the next day!