Something Blue Necklace

Monday, February 13, 2012
I saw a necklace sort of like this on Etsy, and I loved the blue and pearls, and sparkle and...well....everything.  It reminds me of weddings.  Weddings are a good thing.  I bought two different size pearls (about 6 packages total), and this metal pin from Hobby Lobby with a little bling...and blue ribbon. 
I strung the pearls using a mishmash of pearl sizes sporatically.  You can use dental floss to string pearls, or regular stringing wire sold at craft stores.  I made them similar links (thought not exactly the sameto get it a little draped look).  I tied them all together on one of these metal rings (sold in jewelry sections at craft stores).  I did dab a bit of permanat glue onto the knot for insurance. 
The back of the pint had a ton of little holes for multiple uses, and I used one to string a ribbon to the back (added more glue), attach one end of the pearl.  The second end of pearls I threaded the ribbon through, and add a clasp to the second end which twist around and can be linked to this same broach.  My necklace just needs a bride....or at least a cute outfit and it's ready to roll. 


Kathryn said...

Very pretty and these would be great for a wedding.

Courtney Cakes said...

WOW!!! This is so pretty!!!