Teddy Bears and Tea Parties Shower Invitation

Saturday, February 11, 2012
 Anyone that knows me well knows a few important details about me.....1)  I love to throw parties for other people.  I'll invent reasons to do so.  2)  Invitations and Favors are my favorite detail....the bookend, if you will, to the event have to be a big deal to get people excited about coming, and sad to be leaving....so the cycle can begin again when I invent my next reason to pull out the address book and ship out invites. 
Next up in the world of parties in my life is a shower for a friend of ours at work who is having a baby girl this May.  The nursery is going to be shades of pink and brown, and Stephanie is also a Baylor Girl (Sic' Em Bears, not that I'm biased), so we decided to go girly.  Actually, I was totally convinced she was having a boy and had a really fun theme in my head, and was thrown for a total loop when baby girl dared to defy my party plans, but I'm equally as happy with this concept, and I'll just save that other idea for someone else.  I suffer.  I suffer much.  If I ever get rich I'm definintely hiring a violinist to accompany these sort of sad stories in the future.
Usually, I like handmade invitations, case in point, click on 'invitation' under the labels of this blog and it's pretty evident I like to deliver them in strange bottles, containers of cotton candy, boxes of fortune cookies, you name it, I've done it.  The post office hates me. 
BUT This time around I found these teddy bear shaped invites via Wilton in the clearance section of the craft store....uhhh....too perfect. 
We jazzed them up a bit with a bow, and covered the top portion with a little card we created with the theme (instead of what the card has) to give everyone an idea of the theme to come.....
If it were me, I'd probably pass these out while serving tea with the queen, but there is a group of us in charge, and I'm being reigned in for my own good.  I can't wait for the shower, and I can't wait to post pictures and blog the details in the first of three showers I'll be a part of this year at work.  Ummm...yay for happy news to celebrate again and again with good friends!

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rizo said...

LOVE that you're doing this! What a great idea.
teddy bears