Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thing 1 Thing 2 Dr. Seuss No Sew Book Bags

I made these book bags about a year and  a half ago.

...which launched me into a portion of my life that I like to refer to as, 'Everybody I know is getting a book bag for any and every holiday I can invent....' 
     After making approximately 4,325 book bags, which propelled me into an extensive 12 step program....I'm baaaaaack to making book bags.  Oh well, I never was good at riding in 12 step wagons. 
     This time I brought out my paints and bags for a segment running today on Good Morning, Texas in honor of Dr. Seuss' upcoming birthday festivities. 
Here is the original link with step by steps, sources etc for making these no sew bags.  I followed all of these easy steps, and just changed it around a bit to make them Seuss themed. 
    I have more fun activities planned in  honor of his birthday, it's the educator in me.  I'll  eventually post some of those projects later, but in the meantime, how about a book bag to store an extensive Seuss book collections?
      Now I just need to start making friends so I can continue to make book bags....I forgot how easy...and fun this project was...
Here's the link to the GMT segment. 


Anji* said...

LOVE these bags! They are seriously awesome, with the red doily print and the blue polka dot bows, perfect!!