Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Tip for Arranging Flowers

 I realize I'm far from an expert floral designer, BUT I did learn a couple of basic tricks from a friend of mine that went into the business.  I used to go help her for free b/c A)  I wasn't being sent a lot of flowers that that point in my life, and B)  I like to do that sort of thing.    I've been able to apply these tricks to put together some reasonably acceptable bouquets and arrangements for my friends as they got married, and more importantly, save them tons of money.  I have a few more weddings coming up the pipe line, and so....I've decided to pass along all my knowledge.  This should take about two post, and the second post is just because I'm wordy...not that I have more knowledge.  BUT....if you have lived under my rock with me, and you were wondering how they get flowers to stay put in a vase b/c I'm sorry, just plopping them in doesn't work....this is a trick my friend taught me.  They sell this tape, those regular tape would work OK, and you create 'squares' going back and forth.  The bigger the vase, the more the squares.  I also wrap a piece all the way around the vase to hold them all down long enough to arrange. 
NOW start plopping the flowers randomly into the holes, and dispersing them evenly.  I made these arrangments for a retirement party last summer....the colors were pink and case that wasn't totally obvious, I'm here to state the obvious one more time, it's really part of my charm.