DIY Doily Napkins

Friday, March 09, 2012
I saw this great tutorial at Ode for making your own lace napkins.  Twist my arm, I guess it was time for me to get one of those great lace punches.  I used a coupon at Michael's to grab a set from the Martha line. 
I was surprised by how easy it was to go through such thin material.  I can't wait to go punch one of everything in my house with this lace edging.  New toys.....I'll never out grow them.  Ever. 
I used these napkins to lines some baskets for a baby shower I'll be posting about next is a sneak peak! 


Anji* said...

These are super cute! I want to make some of these, just need to think of an excuse now and get me one of those lacy punches!

sweetjeanette said...

I love this idea! Gives a plain paper napkin that special feel. Just screams "Im-not-just-any-napkin-I'm-your-bigshot-hoity-toity kind" LOL
I'm definitely going to have to do that for my next party!

Anonymous said...

Aw thanks Christy for linking back to me!! :D I love how you used your napkins to line the baskets! Super cute!!

aleshaelis said...

Its very lovely idea. This basket look so cute and beautiful. Its very easy to make it. You have done fantastic work.


Amy Lambert said...

I tries this and the punch kept getting stuck and ripping the napkins. I even tried various punches from that brand.

Christy said...

Amy! Sonsorry to hear about your frustrating experience! I try really hard to only post projects that work easily...I've tried many a dud! Three things I hope will help. Have you tried a different napkin? Cheaper brands are a little more flimsy...I haven't tried cheaper-these we're from party city. 2-have your tried using the pinch on paper to make sure you have th right technique? Sound silly, but a friend recently borrowed a punch and couldn't do it without a tutorial, you have to punch those pretty aggressively. Ok, was it a Martha Stewart punch? The brand can make a difference. One more-try unfolding the napkin one so it has two sides and is split in half so you only have half a napkin to punch through! Hope those help...I'll experiment more sometime and see if I encounter similar issues!