Sesame Street Easter Basket

Monday, March 05, 2012
 I looooove Easter.  I like to celebrate Easter b/c it's such an exciting holiday to me.  Of course, the Easter story is what gives me goose bumps and puts the beauty in Easter morning, but I love giving gifts even if they seem 'secular' in nature just because it's  a start.  I try to give Easter gifts to my friend's kids, and look forward to the day we can discuss WHY we celebrate Easter.  This year, a few of those kiddos are nearing 3 and they are in the middle of Sesame Street Obsession. 
It's been years since I've watched the show, but I remember the basics.  BUT in order to come up with a themed basket I had to do extensive research.....which means I had to drill and quiz my friend Heather at work that has two boys just exiting the 12 Step Sesame Street Rehabilitation Program. 
So....I found Elmo baskets at Hobby Lobby, and hear are the innards being sent via the US Mailing System. 
Ernie Eggs filled with baby rubber duckies.  He makes bathtime lots of fun....I do remember this much!
 Big Bird Eggs and Gummy BEARS in honor of Radar (just learned that name this week). 
 Goldfish for Elmo.....which launched a series in my life I'd like to title:  I have these every day for snack because I love them.  I mean, I love them a LOT. 
 Not to be confused with cookie monster's cookies.  Which launched another two week period in my life called:  Now I have to double my time at the gym because I eat these for a snack too, and I really just want to go get another box, like five minutes ago. 
 I banded together some orange pixie sticks and glued on google eyes for Oscar's worm, Slimey (I had to google that one!)
 I also raided party stores and the Target Dollar Spot for games, sticker books, notepads, and books. 
 I blogged about Abby's Fairy Wands on Saturday.  They are chocolate.  Abby is new to the gang, I think.  Or I blocked her out from my childhood. 
 I also found these Elmo shaped eggs at Target.  I died.  I want these in my Easter Basket this year, BUT in the meantime I filled these with sesame street stickers. 
 Here it is ready to make one of the baskets is....ready to make it's way to both ends of the country.  I'm sure these little guys will be mesmerized by all the details.  Or not.  But really, it was fun for me to revisit 'The Street.' 
Now to work on the adults in my Easter giving plan...


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How much did it cost? My grand daughter loves elmo