Chocolate Wands

Saturday, March 03, 2012
 I found this princess ice cube tray, and I think it was pretty much made for me.  I have so many plans for this little guy.  But for now, I made some chocolate wands. 
 The tray comes with it's own straws, but I just used some from a fast food restaurant so they can be disposed of. 
I melted down some pink chocolate, let it harden, and....
 These are actually in honor of Abby on Sesame street, it goes with a larger Sesame Street collection of treats I'll be blogging about on Monday.  :O) 
So easy, and believe me, I'll get my money out of this little gal!!!  Wait....maybe I'll be spending all my money thinking of ways to use this tray.  It's a vicious, horribly...exciting way to live life. 


Kim said...

Adorable! Where did you find the ice cube tray? This would be perfect for my daughter, next week we will be going to see the Disney Princesses live!

Thank you for posting!

Erin said...

We have that ice cube tray! Genius! I never thought to make chocolate in them!

Christy said...

Kim, I bought these froma company called Fred. They have so many fun/cute things! They sell them on Amazon. Here in Dallas, I found them at a store called World Wholesale that is located on the East side of Central off of Mockingbird. (Just in case you are local.)