Cupcake In An Egg

Friday, March 02, 2012
 I saw this idea last year at the Cupcake Project for baking cupcakes in egg shells. Hello, I need someone to revive me here...this is one of those "I died over this idea...ideas."
Basically, you open just the end of an egg. I just tapped the edge on the counter and carefully peeled away the end of the egg (the site used the spiral tip of a wine cork), and then I rinsed them out really good. After a deep rinsing, soak them in salt water for 30 minutes. I don't know why, just do it....or you'll hatch baby chickens in your left arm...or something.

 I put my cupcakes inside mini muffin tins, and I filled them about halfway full.

 I baked my regular cake recipe the same amount of time I bake mini cupcakes (about 15 minutes).

A little puffed out, it peels right off.

After they cool, crack gently and pull away.

How cute would these be at an Easter table in Easter cups?  Maybe decorated with ribbons, or decorated.  Get your defibulator ready, your guest are going to die. 


tt.scraps said...

Be still my heart!!! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!

Anji* said...

LOVE this idea! must remember to make these with the kids for easter, I have a feeling they will LOVE them too!