A Week of....Peeps

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Peeps.  Need I say more?  Below are two post I threw up last year in honor of the little Easter treats, and I'll be adding a few more I've put together for this year over the next few days, also seen below-I'll attach the links as the week progresses.  In addition, I have a little file of ideas I want to try out over the next few weeks.  The only thing better than a week of peep post is TWO weeks.  Clearly, these sugar coated marshmallows are life changing.  And classy.  Clearly.
Chocolate Dipped PeepsBunny Stew

Sugar Cookies

Peep Pop


Chocolate Bar


ketiebrown said...

Chocolate is my favourite things. You share such beautiful images of peeps. Its all looks very nice and yummy. Its too good post.

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Erin said...

I love all your Peep goodies! I want your Peep cookie cutter! LOVE it!

Tiffany@Fizzy Party! said...

LOVE Peeps! You know I'll be checking in all week to see what else you have in store for those little sugar cuties.