Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Gift From the Garden

I made a basket of garden 'stuff' for one of my favorite people on planet earth, Nicole.  She has a green thumb.....I.  Do.  Not.  I'm bringing a new version of this gift to share today on Good Morning, Texas today.  It's spring, time for some spring-ee house warming/hostess/adult Easter basket gift ideas.  I'll add links later to the tutorials.  I'm doing two segments today, and I've added some additional things to the original basket idea that I'll be sharing. 
I'll be sharing this idea for baking bread in bpa  free tin cans (it should say this on the side of the vegetable tins before you use them).  This is the original post, complete with one of my favorite bread recipes. 

I'm also making these super simple chalkboard spoon markers.  Here is the original post, it basically serves as a tragic warning-what NOT to do, and then the simple solution that would have saved me a lot of time, but wouldn't have made for quite as interesting of a story....

I also made these seed starters for the basket.  I shared the tutorial last week. 

Last up, I am making some super simple cupcakes, so simple....this IS the tutorial. 

 Basically, I baked up some chocolate cupcakes, ice them, rolled them in crushed oreo cookies, and added some sugar flowers I let somebody make, package, and sell to me a la the craft story.  I found some baby pots, and they slid right inside.  I bagged these up as well in cellophane and put them in the basket o' garden fun. 


Tiffany@Fizzy Party! said...

Great gift. Love it all.

ketiebrown said...

Gift is best way to express our feelings. You allot fantastic gift from garden. I love all images of gifts. I love chocolates cupcakes so much.

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