Paris Shower Invitations

Saturday, March 24, 2012
My friend Sarah is getting married this June.  She loooooves Paris, and pink and blank, and so....we merged those all along with her love for the man she is marrying, and came up with a suitable theme.  I've been looking forward to this shower for awhile, and I can't wait to see how all the details come together.  I'll be blogging about it all in just a few short weeks, but here is a sneak peak....the invitations.  I can't wait to share the's something new I've never seen/done before.  :O)!!!! 
For the invitations I just googled 'free pillow box printable.'  I found one, enlarged it as big as it would go on a regular size sheet of card stock, and used it as my template for the hot pink card stock. 
I only folded one side (and glued it with hot glue to make it REALLY stick).  The chocolate and invitation were a little too long to fold both sides.  I added a 3.5 inch band of scrapbook paper to the outside as well to give it some color.  I used double sided tape to get it to stay. 
 I printed off a little invitation to slip inside, and made some pink chocolate eiffle towers in a mold I bought (you can find them on Amazon). 
 I used some bags (you can find this size in the jewelry section of most craft stores) and slipped them inside along with the invitation. 
 I punched a hole in the top and added a tag to the top.  These are for gals at work, so we decided to give these out by the grade level.  I inked the edges of the tag, then added ribbon.
 This is the mold I used.  I had to make one special eiffle tower (after I finished up the chocolate version).  You see, Sarah....:gasp:, doesn't like chocolate.  It's taken years of therapy, but I think our friendship will survive.  So....this will be the last of any chocolate you will see related to this shower, and she never had to see it.  We have a different eating plan for Paris themed menu.  For the inside of her favor I used a cube from melting soap and added a drop of scent and a drop of pink coloring to make her a soap.  I used the steps I always use for making soap, and it popped right out. 
 I made an extra one to toss next to the sink in the house during her shower. 


Tiffany@Fizzy Party! said...

I love this! I'm with your friend though, I don't really do chocolate either. The invitation is so creative and I can't wait to see the rest of the party :)

Erin said...

Your invitations are so pretty! And I love the chocolate towers you made to go with them. So fun!

Terri said...

Very Cute!

ketiebrown said...

Eiffel tower is famous place in all over the world. You share such beautiful and amazing invitation of Paris shower. Its very lovely and cute.

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