Seed Starters

Friday, March 23, 2012
 This is a super simple, and fun craft for giving out 'seed' packets that I discovered over on Danamade.  I recently bought a big box of wildflower seeds, and I wanted to divvy it up among some little kiddos in my life that love to garden.  This is a fun way to send some seeds that are pretty kid friendly. 
The only thing you need is a mix of shredded paper and tissue paper cut into thin strips.  You want about the same amount of each. 
 Add water to the mix, and squish it all together. 
 Take a cookie cutter (this would be cut in a house shaped cookie cutter as a good housewarming gift as well).  Squish the wet paper into the cookie cutter.  Pack it down firmly.
 Place the squishy paper and cookie cutter in a strainer and press out as much water as you can. 
Place your seeds on a piece of cardboard to help pull out the excess water.  Add a little teaspoon of seeds on top.  These will dry and stick to the biodegradable 'starters.' 
Bag these up, and when you are ready, just toss these into a pot filled halfway with potting soil, cover it with more soil, and water.  The paper and tissue should dissolve, and the seeds should grow.  'Should' is sort of the 'key' to this whole takes, like, water and sunshine and other stuff, and I usually forget two out of two of those things around my house....which is exactly why all my seed starters will find new homes.  It's best for all parties involved.   But really, this is so much better than handing over a packet of seeds to a three year old....or a 32 year old and asking them to aim for a dark indention in the dirt.  Even I could probably get this little heart shaped starter tossed in the general vacinity of the garden.  Assuming one had a 'garden'....and by garden, I do count the dandelions and clovers that grow where there used to be grass around my yard. 

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ketiebrown said...

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