Saturday, April 14, 2012

Earth Day: Recycled Gift Card Notepad

 I saw this idea on etsy, and I had to try it simple, and how free1  I recycled a gift card I received for Christmas (after using everything the gift-giver gave me) to make  little notepad for my purse.  :O) 
I cut down typing paper to the same size as the card...
 Used an old file folder scrap for the 'back.' 
 ....and I took all the pieces to a binding machine (they sell these at the craft store, or you can find the combs and use the machine at the teacher stores).  They look like this...if you are looking at them with your head turned side ways....
The plastic combs are usually less than 50 cents, and you could make 4 or 5 of these little notepads out of one comb.  The machine punches out the slits, and then you attach the comb.   Binding books....I knew this teacher skill would come into my crafting world someday.


Anonymous said...

That looks neat!!