Friday, April 13, 2012

Earth Day: Penant Card

I saw the idea for making these cards at how about orange, and I had to it out b/c it enabled me to use a lot of the small scraps in my scrapbooking supplies.  I can't stand throwing away friendly,  and fun. 
The one thing I didn't have was aqua/baby blue twine, but I've seen this tutorial other places, and so instead of purchasing some....I made my own using a sharpie, twine, and a pencil. 
 I taped it at both ends, and just wrapped it around the pencil. 
 Colored blue lines, unwrapped it and wrapped it the other direction so I could get the backside. 
 Ta baker's twine in any color. 
 I printed out Happy Birthday on card stock.
 I zig zagged my twine, and tapped it to the backside. 
 Cut out penants from my scrap papers.  Then I glued them down/around the twine.
I glued the cardstock onto blank cards I bought, and rounded out the corners.


Anji* said...

These cards are super-cute! I love bunting!!

tt.scraps said...

As a recipient of a banners card I can tell you that it is ADORABLE!!! I had no idea you made the twine - I'm gonna have to try that! You know I'll keep it forever!
Thank you!!!