Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earth Day: Magazine Wreath

I've seen newspaper rose wreaths up and down the net lately, and I decided to use this same concept to make a magazine wreath.  My friend Sarah let's me peruse her US Weekly magazine when she is finished, so after I read them, I made this-it's like recycling twice!  Just so you know, no celebrity gossip clips were harmed in the making of this wreath....
Step One:  Cut four circles, the top circle should be a brighter/more solid color because you will see the most of this.  My circles were about 8 inches wide,'s not a science, and it doesn't have to be perfect.  If it had to be perfect, I assure you, I would not be the one sharing this craft.
Step Two:  Cut these four pieces of paper in a spiralwith a little bump ever few inches, this just gives the roses more of a 'petal' look, though you could just do a straight spiral. 
Step Three:  Start on the outside of the circle with the 'point' and just begin rolling it.  This outside point will become the inside of your rose. 
Step Four:  The center of the spiral becomes the base of your rose, this is a good spot to smear with hot glue.  I held a bunch of my roses together with pieces of tape, and later went back and hot glued them to hold their shape. 
Step Five:  Rose number 1 of about a million....complete.  You can allow these to open, or remain closed as much as you want. 
Step Six: I wraped a foam wreath with paper because the roses only cover 2/3 of the foam, if anyone sees it from behind....well, whatever.  I just glued the paper down to the wreath, and then glued the roses onto the paper covered foam with hot glue. 

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Jo said...

This needs some glow in the dark spray or perhaps some glitter spray:) Honestly, the things you can do with a piece of paper astound me. Your crafting genius is a living testament to the supreme craftsmanship of God and what he can do with anything and anyone.