Monday, April 09, 2012

Earth Day: Reusable Lunch Bags

So it drives me crazy to use and throw away ziplock baggies.  I decided to make some of my own using a series of various tutorials I've seen over the years I threw a few together using a tablecloth and velcro. 
I cut rectangles from the tablecloth (a few of the tutorials I've seen have used the inside of plastic cereal bags etc for the inside layer, but I decided to use the wipeable table cloth for both sides. 
I sewed up three sides face to face. 
I turned it right side out. 
I folded the last side in, and sewed a line. 
I  added some velcro to the part I folded up and sewed it to make a pocket (easier than doing it afterwards). 
Folded it up leave a flap, and sewed up both sides. 
Added velcro to the top flap to close. 
Ta da.  Earth friendlier, and wipeoutable. 


Sharla said...

Clever idea. Another thing to add to my list to do when I borrow my Mom's sewing machine.

Keri said...

EXCELLENT idea. Absolutely going to try this as I hate using all those little plastic bags for the million lunches I make. Thanks!

Anji* said...

I really like this idea, great print on the tablecloth you used too!

tt.scraps said...

GREAT idea!!! :)