Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Earth Day: Repurposed Baby Gift Packaging

I've seen things like this before, and so...it was time I tried it out.  OK, maybe this is borderline NOT earth friendly considering the paint, but it is recycle friendly....sort of.  I recently needed to put together a baby gift for someone in need of a hodge podge of boy 'stuff.'  Practical and fun.  I usually do diaper cakes or wreaths and add goodies, but this go 'round I decided to use some supplies at my hosue for presentation....a Dr. Pepper Bottle Box. 
 I used some left over spray paint and gave the outside two coats, and then I added a strip of some scrapbook paper scraps I had. 
 I filled up each cubby hole with all sorts of boy 'stuff.' 
 Added a bow...and a pacifier....
 I practically saved a tree....if you can just overlook that hole in the ozone I contributed to.....I know, I know....it's still a concept I'm working on....