Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coffee: Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cubes

 I made these white chocolate covered  this week to go on a coffee bar for a shower I helped host.
 Next week I'll be posting a week's worth of post culminating in a coffee themed bridal shower for my pal Amber.  I have so many post that they spilled over into this week as well, so....I thought I'd share these little guys. I saw this idea on cutefood.  I wanted some fun sugars to add to the coffees, and I went with the color scheme (green for Starbuck's-the location of Amber's first date with her fiance). 
These are super simple, and really....chocolate dipped sugar?  Who needs dinner?  The one key to making these is that you need to freeze the sugar cubes in advance so when you dip them in the warmed melted chocolates they don't start melting. 
A little chocolate went a long ways.  I just melted it in the microwave, dipped and added a white heart form some Valentine's sprinkle I have.