Monday, May 14, 2012

Coffee: Starbuck's Coffee Shower Invitation

 My friend Amber is getting married.  We hosted a shower for her last week.  Her fiance and her had their first date at Starbucks.  She's going to honor this meeting at her wedding, but we wanted to use this theme for her shower as well.  She is using the phrase, "The Perfect Blend" tried to go a little different with "Love is Brewing."  My pal, Sarah, bought coffee at Starbucks and was asked, and granted access to cups we could use for the shower, and the invitation delivery.  I used the sleeves to figure out what size the invitation wording needed to be, and I mounted it on some dark green scrapbook paper, then taped it to the cup.  I fill each invitation cup with coffee bean shaped cookies. Heather wrote the names of each guest on the side of the cups like they do at the coffee shop when you order.  A week of details to come! 
 I used this recipe for sugar cookies.  I like it b/c the cookie holds it's shape.  I used a small round cookie cutter, and just pinched the center to make them look more bean shaped.   For the icing, I just used a canned icing, and I added about 4 T of karo syrup b/c it's much softer than the usual white butter/almond flavored icing recipe I use with these cookies.  The karo syrup helps the cookies not smudge when packaged. 
 I melted some milk chocolate in a ziplock, snipped the edge, and piped on the design of a bean. 
 Bagged them up, added some brown crinkle paper to the cups, and then slipped them inside. 
 Ready to be shipped out. 
 Invitation close up.
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Tiffany@Fizzy Party! said...

Very cute! I love your friends idea of honoring their first date and your invitation idea is adorable!

Christine said...

very cute! Love it!