Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coffee: Coffee Bar

 Anyone that has spent more than 5 seconds in my company knows that I love talking party details.  Amber and I were chatting right after she got engaged in regards to some ideas for personalizing her wedding.  I had suggested a coffee bar for the favor portion of th evening.  She took it 10 steps further and has some really fun things planned, but I decided to go forward with this idea for her shower as well.  All the hostesses brought coffee snacks you could find at Starbuck's, we put these on the tables, then let everyone move through the bar and fix up their own drinks. 
 The menu included Starbuck's Decaf, Regular, Tea, Water, and Hot Water for Hot Chocolate or Hot Teas.
 The toppings included vanilla, hazelnut, creamer, milk, flavored creamers, various sugars, chocolate dipped sugar cupes, sprinkles, hershey syrup, caramel syrup, whipped cream, chocolate covered peppermint sticks, lemons, and different flavored biscotties.
 We left out pens so the do-it-yourself-wanna-be-barristas could create their own personalized cups.


Christine said...

What a fun idea!

Brown Hill said...


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Jamie Del Puppo said...

Did you rent or buy the coffee dispensers? Do you mind sharing where they are from? Also the cute cups! Thank you!