Coffee: Starbuck's Themed Bridal Shower

Saturday, May 19, 2012

 I recently helped host a bridal shower for my pal Amber.  I could not be happier for her and her husband-to-be, Josh.  She has truly found someone great, and she is DEFINITELY deserving of finding someone because she is an incredible lady.  I've been blogging about the details for the last week+, but here it is....all in one, with links attached. 
Above are the invitations.  Sarah obtained some Starbuck's coffee cups, and I filled each with coffee bean shaped sugar cookies, and put the invitation information in a sleeve shape outside. I blogged those details here.
Below is the sign in.  We had everyone sign a matted engagement picture of Amber and Josh outside of Starbucks.  I made a banner using newspaper (which I used throughout....reminds me of 'coffee shops) and raffia....because I'm obsessed.  Close up details here
 The hostesses spent the last few months collecting frap. bottles to house these big mums (a flower she will be using at her wedding....I know this b/c I'll be putting those bouquets together....can't wait b/c they photograph well).
 Bean filled candle holders.  Once upon a time you could ask for expired beans from coffee shops, but after asking, we were told they sell so much they never have expired beans.....darn you coffee revolution, darn you.
 We set up a bar along the counter with all the fun coffee fixings (details here), and cupcakes.
I blogged about the chocolate covered sugar cubes/source/directions etc here.
 We included permanent markers for guest to personalize their every good Batista does.
 I made White Chocolate Mocha cupcakes.  Source and recipe attaching to the link.
 We covered tables with newspaper and burlap, and included the plates/napkins/forks, and a tiered platter (process for building these here) of coffee-ish desserts in the middle of each table.
 Favors were donations to a local charity that hopes to improve the inner cities, I blogged about it here
 Amber and the hostesses. 
Can't wait to attend her wedding in a few weeks, take pictures, and share more on my blog on those events and all the fun married life events to come for the happy couple.
You can find my entire album of photos from the shower here.


mindy said...

Hello! I was wondering if you still had those green berry baskets to purchase? THanks!!!

Tiffany@Fizzy Party! said...

What a cute bridal shower and I love how real it was. Not all perfect and staged. So many cute coffee details :)

Jaelma said...

Christy - What a cute idea!! I am "stealing" the coffe bean candle idea for my hubby and I love coffee so it is a perfect inexpensive decorative addition!! Thanks for sharing this!!

The Perfect Bridesmaid said...

Gorgeous shower! I would love to post the photos in my Real Showers section. IF not, I could just link it. Let me know.
flyergal82 AT (yahoo) /dot/ #com$