Princess: Fairy Bread

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
 I was googling ideas for easy things to serve at my princess dinner because I have a big girl job that really cuts into my play time on work nights.  I saw the recipe for these on all recipes, and according to the site it's pretty common in Australia.....I can't confirm that, but I can confirm these little twirls are yummy, and work night easy.  Basically, you butter a piece of bread (edges cut off, and I used promise spread), add a bunch of sprinkles....
Twirl, and slice into bit size pieces.  I put these on the decorative toothpicks I made and blogged about yesterday.  So.....toast....with sprinkles.  Anything and everything in life is better with sprinkles.  I can confirm that too. 

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Erin Maree said...

I am from Australia and we do eat it! Its actually pretty much essential to have it at kids partys! It is so good, seriously I am almost 18 and I still make it and eat it when I need a quick sweet fix :)