Princess: Cookie Wand Making Station

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
 Every party needs an activity or two.  I cooked some slice and bake cookies and inserted a popsicle stick before they hardened.  The deal with slice and bake is that you have to bake them as cool as possible (and I had to add a bunch of flour to roll and cut them), and they still sort of come out like a blob.  Here is a great sugar cookie recipe that doesn't do that, but....I was working on a time crunch, and these held up well. 
 I used a bunch of pastel sprinkles left over from Valentine's Day and some canned icing I dyed pink.
 And Blythe got to work making wand cookies for the rest of the subjects in her kingdom.
 It was intense work.
 Every good cook test the food before sharing it...

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Linda said...

Clever idea! This would be good for an activity with my grands!

Thanks for sharing! And you DO have a little PRINCESS!