Friday, June 08, 2012

July 4th: Star Spangled Chips

I had never thought about making my own chips, much more the potential for making them into fun, seasonal chips until I saw a post with heart chips.  I used this same method to make some patriotic chips.  How cute would these be next to a plate of hot dogs (red and white stripes)? 
So easy, so fun....
All you need is tortillas, a cookie cutter, olive oil, and salt.  I stacked my tortillas up in layers of four.  I used thin tortillas. 
 A few of the toritalls I cut wedges in so they can dangle from dip bowls (coming tomorrow). 
 I brushed the tortillas with olive oil, and salted. 
 I baked these up at 350 for about ten minutes (depending on your oven, watch 'em close).