Princess: Princess Party

Saturday, June 30, 2012
 Princess Blythe came to visit at the end of May.  We spent the week spending time with the whole family, but I had her over with my cousin, mom, and myself to eat a special dinner while her Nana and Dad spent some time eating their own dinner together.  Blythe loves everything princess, and this seemed like an easy enough thing to throw together on a weeknight.  I bought enough pink and tiarras to make my house look a little bit like the inside of a pepto bismol bottle.  I had her Mom pack her a special dress, and we all 'dressed the part. 

I strung beads from my chandelier and covered the table with paper we could color on top of with princess crayons.
I served food appropriate for a three year old-yogurt parfair, applesauce with sprinkles, fairy bread, tiara shaped pb and jelly sandwich, fruit snacks, sugar cookie wands we decorated, and cupcakes with mini crowns.  I had asked her a few days prior to the party if she wanted to know what we were going to do at the party and she said, "Eat cupcakes."  Whoops, I hadn't planned that, so....I quickly added them to the menu.
I wrapped the silverwar and wands up with a candy bracelet.
Crystal light with star ice and wands, I blogged about all the sources yesterday for the food.

Party activities.
Wand making station.

Cookie decorating pro.
Cookie eating pro too.
We decorated a frame with stickers so she can 'remember' out fun night together.

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