Christening Scrapbook.....from the $ Bin

Monday, July 02, 2012
 I don't think I've mentioned in, at least four hours, I have a pretty fabulous Goddaughter.  I do.  Last January it was o-fficial.  I blogged all about it b/c it was necessary for my sanity.  I took approximately 4.7 billion pictures in the too short time we spent together.  My arms have ached, and I've sought therapy over our separation, and my (imaginary, but oh so real) therapy suggested I make a memory to commemorate the occasions.  Michaels' has little cardboard books with rings in the dollar section almost all year long.  I made a baby gingerbread book a few years ago for Blythe's first Christmas, and I found this butterfly book for a buck this year.  I actually bought two b/c they only come with four pages, and I decided I needed a few more pages...not too many b/c I want them to fit on the ring still, but.....come on....who can sum up a cutie like that in four scrapbook pages?  I've seen a LOT more elaborate scrapbook albums, but this sat around ready to be made so long, I realized I need to accept simple, and just 'get it done' before she graduates from college.....
 I'm sending this for 'our' first Christening date....I don't know if these things are 'normal' to celebrate, but it's going to be the norm for Blythe and I.  And of course, because I'm a good Godmother, I made for me too, duh.....therapist subscribed. 

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Suzan said...

Celebrating a Christening is wonderful and your commemorative gift is so sweet. I love the way you incorporated the photos into the butterfly shape. And a butterfly is the perfect remembrance for a baptism! Good job, Godmother!!