Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trip to New England: Bar Harbor, Maine

We drove up to Bar Harbor, Maine and spent three days exploring the sites and seas in the area in between drives through Acadia NP (next post).  The town of Bar Harbor overlooks a harbor (go figure), and is lined with colorful shops filled with tourist goodies and lots of snacks. 
While we were in Maine we saw lobster buoys all over the waters fishing up these little creatures.  It is times like these I wish I liked creatures from the seas, but lobster rolls are just items other people order on menus.  I can appreciate the variety of colorful buoys dotting the ocean....I watch Deadliest Catch, I sort of am an almost expert on sea creature catching....and Big Foot, but that's for another post...
Near Bar Harbor there is a rocky 'land bridge' that you can walk across at low tide (or swim across at high tide).  We made this walk to the little park across the shore (part of Acadia).  This is also where I picked up my first pieces of sea glasses....and thus began an obsession of mine. 
On vacations I usually pick up ornaments, cookbooks, and I try to find something that embodies the work, or....sea glass.  I had been hunting down a piece of jewelry.  I've been fascinated with the 'stuff' since I saw an episode on Martha.  The oceans I usually visit down have enough rocks to tumble glass around and create these frosted trash to treasure pieces.  After the find at the above walk, I then began scouring the other shores on the bay for glass and I managed to find quite a few pieces of (mostly) Amber and Clear pieces.  I'll be crafting with these latest, and sharing the necklace I purchased in a later post.  Like I need another hobby, but....that's usually how I pick up new hobbies. 
One of the other things we attempted in Bar Harbor was a lighthouse cruise.  I love light houses, church steeples, and barns, so I loved the idea of getting close to five light houses dotting the rocky Maine shores.  EXCEPT....we only made it to one light house before our boat hit a huge wave.  Three ladies that were on the second level with me fell, but got up unhurt, but there was another lady downstairs that fell and broke a leg.  We had to turn back and our boat was greeted by the ambulance.  A little too much adventure.  I had my hand around the rail, but, it was a little bit more of an adventure than I bargained for.....I got one photo....
...but we opted to head back into Acadia for some safer adventures. 


Lynn Thompson said...

We were in Bar Harbor 2 weeks ago and did the cruise but ours was not so eventful. You missed some beautiful lighthouses!! I will be happy to share my pictures with you if you would like. Let me know!! That is a beautiful area!!