Trip to New England: Acadia National Park, Maine

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
We spent two days driving through Acadia National Park.  There is a loop around a lot of the major sites.  The first morning was foggy, so the views were a little obscured, but once the sun peeked out, it was worth a stop.  The daisies and lupines had just unfurled, which made the drive colorful, and my allergies a little bonkers.  We made a stop at Sandy Beach. 
The park is the only National Park consisting of donated land.  The Rockerfellers gave huge portions of land, and the park is build along and around old carriage roads the wealthy used to get to their houses, along wiht little stone bridges like the one below at Otter's Point.
We stopped and ate lunch at Jordan's Pond House.  Famous for teas, and popovers.  I love a good popover.  It was cold and rainy, so we chose a table inside, but the pond below and the flowers around the house were stunning.
We also drove up Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the East coast North of Brazil. 
Our final day we actually took an impromptu carriage  from the Wildwood stables on one of the old carriage roads.  The horses pulled us up one of the mountains with another great view before we headed back down on the 2 hour treck.  One of my highlights from the trip, for sure, and very affordable because the National Park sets the rates. 

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