Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trip to New England: Conneticut

Another rainy day....another state!  Hello, Connecticut!  We drove through Hartford, and things started getting a little more 'city' after 4 days in the mountains and small highways.  We stopped quickly at Mark Twain's house.....much larger than I could have imagined. 
We spent some time driving through New Haven and a coastline drive, though it was difficult to see the coast.  We also stopped at Essex, which I had read about in 1,001 things to do in North America.
Another thing I noticed about New England that differs from other parts of the vanes.  Everywhere.
We drove most of the day, but did crash in Niantic, CT for the night.  We headed down to the boardwalk and were able to glimpse the bay before enjoying an ice cream dinner (balanced nutrition, I know).