Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trip to New England: Vermont

Vermont, my very favorite place as a 'whole' in the Northeast.  Every road, every turn, soooo beautiful.  The 'highway' was winding among green mountains, and little babbling brooks literally weaved around the roads and chased us around every corner.  We made some fun little stops at a Cider Store, were I met my new friend, THE Apple Cider Donut.  We also stopped at the Ben and Jerry Factory, where I spent time with an old friend-cookie dough ice cream. 
We also made a stop up a little dirt road at a farm called Sugarbush that produces maple syrup and cheese.
We got to see the trees that pull the sap from the trees, and we also got to sample their goods at the little farm house. 
We also spent time sampling their cheeses.  All are great.  I'll be ordering more online. 

We also got to meet some of the offspring of those cheese producing cows.  They have a little area where you can pet and feed these guys along with their goat friends and chicken cousins.
And then, what's a trip to Vermont without a few covered bridges?
We spent the evening in Woodstock, home of the three above bridges, and on our drive out of the state towards Connecticut, we stopped at the Vermont Country Store.
There were many fun items from useful to useless things we all want, and rooms filled with barrels of food, and jars of candies.  Rooms.  Candy.  I'm pretty sure this is what heaven looks like....or my future kitchen.