Trip to New England: Plymouth

Thursday, June 21, 2012
My very last stop was Plymouth.  What a neat place....the first home of the first, well, successful settlers in America. 
We spent some time at the museum before headed out to the rock, but since the rock has been moved and a little abused over time, they house a piece of this rock at the museum that you can actually touch....which is a good thing b/c it's one of those items I really....really....would have wanted to touch even without permission.
We also got to see some of the items that came over on the Mayflower, including this bible, which I love.  Men and women setting out for religious freedom, that story speaks to me.
Under this shelter is 'the rock' that marked this place as home.
I've read how 'little' this rock is, impressed me. 
There is also a replica of the Mayflower sitting in the harbor within site of the rock.
New England ends my goal of reaching all 50 states, but it's just the beginning of many more American adventures.  I count my birth place is one of many blessings I've been granted in this life, and the ability to get in a car, hop on a plane, or, upon occasion, a train and see it as a great privilege. Here is a link to more of my photos from the trip.

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