Camping: Banana Boats

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
I saw this recipe last summer here.  I love smores, but there are only so many evenings you can toss a smore on the fire and call it dessert.  There are only so many evenings because I usually eat all the marshmallows before the second evening, not because they ever get old or anything like that.  I thought this was such a clever dessert idea.  You can bake these over an open fire, a grill, or in the oven. 
These are so easy to make.  Slice a banana in half, leaving the bottom peal together so it can be a bowl later. 
 Stuff the innards with chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, coconut...whatever floats your banana boat. 
 Fold over the top, and pop this is a heat source...if you live in Texas, the inside of your car might be the hottest point in the afternoon. 
Consume.  Repeat.

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